Seniors regain Inter Club Trophy

The Seniors Inter Club League was started in 1999 and takes place during the Summer months with matches being played at each of the 6 home Clubs,Scoring is in stableford format with the best 4 scores counting from a team of 6 players. Points are awarded in Grand Prix style with the winner getting 6 points down to last team getting 1 point.

The 1st fixture was played at Les Ormes and the winners were Royal Jersey with Les Mielles coming second, the 2nd fixture was at Royal Jersey with the home team coming first and Les Mielles again taking second place. The 3rd fixture was at Wheatlands and although Royal Jersey again had a winning score they were joined by Les Mielles who scored equal points and Phil Slater scored the best score of the day.The 4th fixture was played at St Clement and with Les Mielles trailing by 2 league points they managed to wipe this out by coming in first place with Royal Jersey only coming third and Gerry Lozach scoring the best of the day..The 5th fixture was held at La Moye and Les Mielles now moved to a 3 point lead at the top of the league as a result of coming first,home Club La Moye coming second,St Clement third and Royal Jersey fourth,star of the day was Mick Le Brocq with 38 points being the best score of the day..
The final league fixture was played at Les Mielles with a shotgun start,with this home fixture the Seniors were confident that they would be able to retain their league position and subsequently regain the Trophy however, Course closure resulted after just over 2 hours due to extremely dangerous lightening conditions which was followed by torrential rain..The committee decision was that this fixture be scrapped and that the league position after 5 rounds would be the final result therefore Les Mielles were declared the 2022 winners and were able to regain the trophy.The competition was not played during the Covid years and Royal Jersey were the previous winners in 2019.

Thanks go out to the following 14 players who played in at least one fixture, Tim Murphy,Richard Cadoret,Malcolm Hamon,Graeme A'Court,Chris Haws,Peter Roscouet,Joe Straiton.John Pasturel,Phil Slater,Roy Syvret,Gerry Lozach,Kenny Mitchell,Mick Le Brocq and Tom Park and a special mention for the work done by Team Manager Tony Perchard for his sucess in his rookie year.

On Saturday 22nd October the Jersey Golf Union & JLGA held a presentation evening for their Annual awards at the Royal Jersey Golf Club. The first presentation was made to Les Mielles Ladies Seniors who also managed to win their league. Gents individual round winners then received £45 Liberation Group vouchers with Les Mielles lucky lads being Mick,Gerry & Phil..The Gents then received their Trophy which was presented by Mick Le Feuvre to Tom Park..The team received vouchers from the Liberation Group Sponsors and they can look forward to some team meals.

Les Mielles Open result

Chris Whur won the 2022 LMGC Open with a nett score of 63, narrowly beating Harry Singelton on countback. 

If winning the Open wasnt enough, Chris had his first hole-in-one on the 13th hitting a sweet 8 iron which took a couple of bounces before hitting the bottom of the cup.

James Styles won the best gross shooting 72 and taking it on countback from Harry by taking one shot less on the back 9.

Full result can be seen on HowDidIDO.

Other prizes of the day...

Hole 2 longest drive - Mike Brooke
Hole 6 nearest to pin - Chris Jones
Hole 8 nearest to pin - Kevin McQuillan
Hole 10 nearest to pin - Ben Holt
Hole 13 nearest to pin - Chris Whur
Hole 17 nearest to pin - James Styles

Thank you to everyone that took part today and supported the club, it was great seeing everyone playing together in our reserved slots.

Frank wins the Seniors Rumball Trophy

Well done to LMGC member  Frank Booth on winning the Seniors Rumball Trohpy at La Moye today.

On an immaculate course and with little wind, 74 players from across all the clubs took part in this senior open which saw Frank taking top spot with his stableford score of 39 points.

Well done to Barry Shelton and Kenny Mitchell for also playing a great round and finishing just 1 point behind the winner.

It was a good showing from Les Mielles with over 25 taking part, a superd effort by everyone !

Les Mielles versus Royal Jersey

Les Mielles faced the Royal Jersey at their home course with teams of 16 competing in the first match of the year.

After the bacon rolls, the pairs took their place on a tombstone start and played for a team point.

In a closely fought game, Royal Jersey won the match with a score of 4.5 to 3.5.

Full details of the scores to follow.

Big thanks to everyone at the Royal who provided great hospitality throughout the day.

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36 Hole Club Championship result

We had a good turnout of 47 players taking part in the 2020 36 hole competition.

As if 36 holes isnt a big enough test the players were once again faced with a testing wind which made scoring difficult.

Steve Pearson won the club championship (gross) beating Matt Cooper by 1 shot. Steve shot the lowest score of round 1 but Matt came back hard shooting the lowest score of the day in round 2 but it fell short by the smallest of margins. Well done steve.

In the Elaine Plain (nett) Clive Malone came out on top, also winning by a shot. There were 3 players tied for second spot with Matt strong second round giving him second spot.

Braybrooke Salvers Mixed Foursome

16 couples took part in the mixed foursome competition that is held every year by the ladies. 
Conditions were tough with a strong wind sweeping across the course but a good day was had by eveyone taking part.
Full result can be seen by clicking Here

LMGC Open 2020

This weekend saw Les Mielles Gents play their open for the year with the competition only being open to les mielles members. It was great to see a good turnout for this event.

With prizes for the top 10 and the best gross there was a lot to play for and although the weather was relatively calm, it was a tight scoring competition.

Simon Bell always has the capability of going low and going out early in the day he returned a nett 65 to take the clubhouse lead.
Scott Henry was also out early and he pushed Simon down a place which another nett 65 but a stronger back 9 .

LMGC Open champion of 2020 was Stuart Hall. Stuart was 1 under gross after 12 holes but went on to drop 6 shots in the next 3 holes but he kept his composure to par his way home and finish with a nett 64.

The lowest gross winner was the form man Chris Haws who secured his prize with a 74 round.

Mobile Score Input

HowDidIDo always had intentions of developing ways of inputting scores for the World Handicap System (WHS) that is coming in November but since Covid struck they were asked to accelerate this to enable golfers to submit scores via a mobile app.
This has been in beta test for a few weeks and it was enabled for Les Mielles this week so we can now submit a score as we would on the PSI, via the HDID Mobile App.
With the app also comes with the option of signing in for competitions which is a great feature for the current summer comps we are running and which in the future will be used for WHS as you can submit any round of golf that you wish but must show your intent before you play by signing in.

Main points.
. sign in - when you decide the day your playing your round, before you tee of go to the HDID app, click the option tab in the top right hand corner and select Today Golf. Select the Sign In option and click the Sign In button. This sends me the date and time you signed in so this must be done on the day your playing and before you tee off.
. use a card as normal during your round and then when you have finished go back to the app, select Todays Golf and then select Score Entry. You can then select Enter Scores and put your total in for each hole. You mush Sign In first before you can use Score Entry.
. sign card, put handicap on card and forward to me as you have been over the last couple of weeks

The rules of R&A have added mobile score input as a way of inputting an offical score in their rules so once the verification option has been developed this will replace the scorecard for those that wish to.
Once things are back to some sort of normal you will be able to do all of the above on the PSI but for now having the mobile app is really beneficial.

If you have any quesitions, concerns or feedback dont to hesitate to contact the club on our email address

World Golf Handicapping update

The latest presentation of the World Golf Handicapping system was given for all Channel Island Golf Clubs at La Moye Golf Club on Tuesday 26th November 2019 and was attended by Captain Chris Frost and Tom Park.

In summary, this new system will commence on 02nd November 2020 and in the meantime all courses will be getting a ‘Course rating’ (new) along with a ‘Slope rating’ (new) and it is anticipated that all Courses will achieve this by April 2020.

Players do not have to do anything prior to the new system being introduced but are encouraged to play in as many Qualifying competitions as possible prior to this date. The reason for this is that the Handicap software systems will take the players most recent 20 rounds of qualifying golf and then calculate the average of his best 8 rounds to arrive at a players ‘handicap index’(new).The average best 8 from 20 is a continually moving process.

Under the new system a player may have a different handicap for different courses being played. ‘Handicap Lookup Charts’ (new) will be displayed and a players ‘handicap index’ can be lined up against the Course being played and this will give a player his ‘Course Handicap’ (new) which he will use when playing that particular Course.

Les Mielles White and Yellow tees are regarded as seperate courses on the lookup chart and a player will also use their ‘handicap index’ to establish their ‘Course Handicap’ when playing away courses.

Perhaps the most important factor to grasp is that a players handicap will not automatically increase with a poor round or come down in chunks following a good round due as the Competition Scratch Score (CSS) will no longer exist instead the system will use the average of best 8 scores from previous 20 rounds (continually moving).

The assorted Computer Handicap software systems are responsible for making these calculations and a players ‘handicap index’ will be available the day after the round played.

Further information will be published as it becomes available.

President day

You cant just beat the president day and it was great to so many people turn out and show Herbie the respect he deserved. We 71 gents, 15 ladies and 10 visitors from Plassey Golf Club all taking part and a strong wind to test them all.

Near on 60 people stayed for dinner and the presentation and there was certainly a buzz in the air.

We had many winners on the night which ive listed below but a special mention goes to the President Salver winner Gerry Brennan who went out in the morning when the wind was at its strongest and scored 40pts to win the last major of the season by 1 point. Well done Gerry.

Winners are listed below and the photos of the night will follow later on in the week. Thank you to everyone for making this a day to remember for our President Herbie, he is the perfect example of how to lead this gents club.

President Salver
Winner - Gerry Brennan
R/Up - Chris Frost
3rd - Peter Garforth
4th - Steven Cleary
5th - Daniel Brannan

Winner - Carl Gray
R/Up - Alan Cabot
3rd - Roy Gallichan

Super Senior
Winner - Brian Hudson

Winner - Sandra Vignando
R/Up - Helen Hansford

Winner - Stephanie Williams


Following the AGM Monday 7th November I have been asked to clarify what the options are for balls played from the tee at the first hole. There appears to be a lot of confusion with members quoting a new local rule that has been explained to them by the course representatives. I am writing to the rules committee of the R & A for a definitive ruling on this matter. Until that ruling has been given then the following interpretation of the rules will stand. I would urge all members to comply with this until further notice and to explain this to other players. Failure to comply with this ruling during a competition may result in disqualification.

1. There is no new local rule that applies to the playing of this hole.
2. A ball played to left of the new white stakes between the 1st and 4th holes is out of bounds and another ball must be played from the tee under penalty of stroke and distance (3 off the tee, 5 off the tee, 7off the tee etc).
3. This obviously also applies to balls that go left and enter the water hazard on the 4th hole.
4. Out of bounds runs in a straight line from stake to stake from the first stake near the 1st tee box to the furthest most stake behind the 4th tee.
5. If a ball is played from the tee that goes to the right and it not virtually certain that the ball has entered the water hazard then a provisional ball should be played from the tee.
6. If the original ball is found outside the water hazard then it must be played as it lies or if it is unplayable it may be declared unplayable and it may be dropped using any of the options available under Rule 28.
7. If the original ball is found in a water hazard then it may be played as it lies or under the penalty of one stroke it may be dropped using any of the options available under Rule 26.
8. If the original ball is not found then the player must continue with the provisional ball or if a provisional has not been played then he must return to the tee and play again.

It is important to understand that the player and his marker must be virtually certain of where the ball crossed the margin of the hazard in order to invoke Rule 26. This basically means that someone (the players in your group, the course ranger, another player on the course playing nearby) saw where the ball went. It cannot be assumed that the ball is in the hazard just because it cannot be found outside of the hazard.

Full explanation of rules 26 and 28 are in the rules of golf booklet available in the club house I recommend that all players carry one.

Chris Frost
Competition Secretary
Les Mielles Golf Club

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