Competition Guidelines

Les Mielles Golf Club 

Competition Guidelines

On the day of the competition find out
your handicap index (you can do this on HDID or on the sheets in the locker room) and then check this on the course handicap table (in locker room or  outside on wooden boards) Please make sure you check the right table as
there is one for the white tees and one for the yellow tees.

Sign in - when playing your round, before you tee  off go to the HDID app, website or use the PSI machine in the clubhouse and click the option tab in the top right hand corner and select Today Golf. Select the Sign In option and click the Sign In button. This sends me the date and time you signed in so this must be done on the day you’re playing and before you tee off.

Please make sure that when you have clicked on the sign in button that you then confirm this choice to complete the process.

If for any reason you can’t sign in then you must message me saying you are intending to play before you tee off.

Use a card as normal during your round and then when you have finished go back to the app or website, select Todays
Golf and then select Score Entry. You then select Enter Scores and from here you input who marked your card and then put your total in for each hole. You must Sign In first before you can use Score Entry.

Sign card, put handicap on card and forward me
picture of card on WhatsApp (07797711906) or at
Make sure that you can read each hole on the photo so that I can verify it.

Don’t forget that when playing qualifying competition the result will then be based on 95% of your course handicap that you have entered on the card. This is all done for you by the software that we use but you should be aware of it as its useful to know for stableford competitions so you know which holes you get shots on.

General rounds  (supplementary rounds )

When submitting general rounds please follow exactly the same process as above. The only difference is when signing
in select which tees you are playing from (white or yellow) and select if you are playing strokeplay or stableford for your round.

Please remember that your casual round must be signed by a gents member and whoever signs the card should be inputted as the marker when entering your scores.


The Club adopt the Local Rules as shown on score card and the additional temporary ones which may be introduced by ‘The Course' or ‘The Club'.  

In accordance with the Rules of Golf players MUST be ready to tee off on time, and should be ready 10 minutes before this time. It is not the Ranger's job or duty to find golfers who are not ready to go to the first tee at the appropriate time, but the Rangers DO have the right to warn individuals who are late for their slot and to report repeat offenders to the Club and the Course.

PACE OF  PLAY  If individuals or groups are regularly identified as a cause for reducing ‘Pace of Play' their future
slots/groups may be restricted.

SCORE CARD / RESULTS   Please ensure your card

:legible  (it can be re-written).

:marked by a member with a handicap.

:signed by marker & player with correct handicap on card

:entered into the PSI or via HDID APP / Website

:photo of card sent as described above

The official result will be posted on HDID and if you are signed up to the service, you will receive an email notification.

Recent and historic competition results and Handicap information can be viewed online at


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