Les Mielles Golf Club

Competition Guidelines

ENTRY to ‘closed' competitions is restricted to members with Les Mielles Golf Club being their ‘Home' Club for Handicap purposes.

TO ENTER: Please refer to the online booking system on Les Mielles Golf and Country Club's website. You will need to be registered for online booking which you can do by contacting the admin office. You may also contact the pro shop staff who will advise what's available and book you in themselves. The online booking slots for each competition depend on the time of year / daylight hours available etc. and will be displayed online aprox. 3 weeks before competition (separate folder for Winter League)
DO NOT CREATE EXTRA SLOTS ....you can only play in the allocated slots.. more slots may be released only after all the allocated slots have been used

There is no closing point for entering competitions, but if you book in to a slot late, please advise the Ranger when you arrive at the club as his list may not have been updated. Players who wish to enter competition late MUST ensure that their name is entered on to computer.
i.e. If your name is not on the computer you are not in competition....

CANCELLATIONS   Any cancellation made less than 24 hours before a tee time will be regarded as a ‘Late Cancellation' in accordance with Course Policy and payment may be required. Payment will always be required for ‘no shows'.
If you cancel your slot you must advise Course staff that it is a Competition slot...late cancellations and no shows will be recorded and may result in disciplinary action by the Course and / or Les Mielles Golf Club.

The Club adopt the Local Rules as shown on score card and the additional temporary ones which may be introduced by ‘The Course' or ‘The Club'.  Unless otherwise stated e.g. Winter & Wednesday Leagues or annual Non-Qualifying period (December to end of February), competitions start at the 1st Tee, are played from White Tees and are Qualifying for Handicap purposes.

In accordance with the Rules of Golf players MUST be ready to tee off on time, and should be ready 10 minutes before this time. It is not the Ranger's job or duty to find golfers who are not ready to go to the first tee at the appropriate time, but the Rangers DO have the right to warn individuals who are late for their slot and to report repeat offenders to the Club and the Course.

PACE  OF  PLAY  If individuals or groups are regularly identified as a cause for reducing ‘Pace of Play' their future slots/groups may be restricted.

SCORE  CARD / RESULTS   Please ensure your card is:
: legible  (it can be re-written).
: marked by a member with a handicap.
: signed by marker & player with correct handicap on card (check master list)
: entered into the PSI Competition management system (touch-screen device in the computer area).
: topped & tailed and placed in correct box in corridor even if you N/R!

The official result will be posted on HowDidIDo (if you are signed up to the service, you will receive an email notification) and displayed as a poster in locker room as soon as practicable and the master handicap list will be updated before any subsequent club competitions.

Recent and historic competition results and Handicap information can be viewed online at www.howdidido.co.uk..

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