To avoid any confusion or disappointment when representing your club, please familiarise yourself with the following guide:

Should you be selected to represent the club in an inter-club competition, or if you sign up for one of several competitions where club colours are required, you will be expected to attend in the following attire: 

On the course:
Pale Blue Golf Shirt with embroidered CLUB crest.
If weather dictates, a dark blue sweater (crew neck, v neck or sleeveless sweater) with embroidered club crest. Black coloured tailored trousers (chinos or suchlike are fine) Nb. no cargo type pockets (on side of leg). Please also ensure your shoes are clean (at least to start the round!). Should conditions be wet or become wet, please feel free to wear your usual waterproof suit, but please keep the club colours underneath, in case the weather changes and you decide to remove your waterproofs. Hats, caps etc. are left to the individual but please be tasteful and remember that you are representing your club.

In the clubhouse
Most inter-club matches and several of our club competitions involve a meal and formalities in the clubhouse after golf, and whether at home or away, this will often require formal attire. 'Jacket and tie' are the usual requirements - this means a club tie of course, but the jacket is left to the individual. Ordinarily, most members elect to wear either a blazer and trousers, a jacket and coordinating trousers, or a two piece suit. Any of these are fine, along with a formal shirt and clean shoes.  Please note that whilst we also often have very relaxed presentation dinners and suchlike where the dress code is generally 'smart casual', on formal club occasions casual clothing such as denim jeans (even if paired with a blazer) or golf clothing will not be accepted and those who do not conform may find themselves excluded from future selection. Indeed, in some clubs, the clubhouse dress code dictates that you simply would not be allowed in, so please check the dress code carefully before signing up!

All club attire is available from the pro shop at Les Mielles and whilst ties have always been available from a committee member in the past, we have recently exhausted stocks and the new batch currently on order will also be available from the shop from now on.

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